How do you see yourself?

How do you see yourself?

By Javis Brunson @JavisJay

The more you identify yourself with the problems that you encounter, the harder it will be for you to get past them.  If your whole identity is wrapped up in your limitations, what you can’t do, or why me, then how can you ever be free of them?

Wake-up call, life happens, and you will experience problems!

It’s not if you will experience problems, but when and for how long will you be in the mist of the storm.  Don’t let your problems define you.  Operate from a level that is above all the problems, for it is from that perspective you’ll successfully rise above them.

How do you see yourself today?  If you see yourself as a loser, then guess what, that is what you’ll always be, a loser!

However, consider this as a new way of looking at life. Everyday you have the opportunity to take a good look at yourself to see who you are today.  The question is; do you want to continue to being that person?

Here’s a thought for you.  Starting today and continuing for the next 30 days, see you not as a person who has problems, but as a person who creates value out of difficult situations.  See the challenges and limitations not as permanent parts of you, but as stepping stones on the journey to becoming the person that God has truly designed you to be.

Now, how do you want to see yourself today?

Have a Great day and continue doing what you LOVE to do!

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